Monday, June 24, 2013

It could have been...

Spending the nights together,
holding each other's hand
chatting about whatever
until the forever shall end

waiting furiously for you
cuz you'll always be late,
But once you come, its all fine
and i'll smile seen you at the gate

The way i'll always admire
the way my hand you caressed
and make me feel the happiest ever
i'd feel like I've been blessed

Nothing more in life i'd want
when you'd tell me you're mine
i'd often forget the rest of world
and be in love with you that's divine

. . . 

None of this happened with us,
but i feel for you all the more
i feel i have loved you ever since
the day we met and even before...

Sunday, January 6, 2013

. . . The Moment . . .

 “Beautiful”, whispered my heart at once
The moment I saw you crossing me by
That moment, that look I had of you
Oh my... I wanted to fly

 I couldn't move, for I just saw
The cutest girl I had ever seen
I could see nothing but you, precious
You amazed me more than I had ever been

 Your beautiful eyes... I could drown in
 Desired to feel your skin, so flawless
I urged to have your hand in mine
And your soft lips, I so wanted to caress

 but the moment went away and so did you
My eyes still wide, it was such a treat
It was like you cast a spell on me
You now control the rhythm of my heartbeat...


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