Monday, September 5, 2016

You're gone :-(

It so seemed like an eternity 
That I'm gonna spend with you 
Suddenly you're out of life 
And it's gonna be a solo ride through. 

What went so stupid in between 
Wish I had the right to know 
We were moving so good along 
Now I'm stranded , now I'm alone 

Just when things were so right 
Everything became so damn wrong 
Had been living a miracle with you 
Had been dancing to our song 

Did I ever change my attitude 
Or did something to bother 
I know I was all for you 
With all the love I had to offer 

Sweetheart. I'm out of words 
I so can't finish this poetry
Please come back and tell me 
This non-breakup mystery 


sonal kapopara said...

Wow !!!! Loved the lines...
read ur post after a long time...

Misthy singh said...

Who she ?
You have been suffering for a long time, now stop ur self.
जब हम कुछ चाहते है और वो ना मिले तो समझ जाना चाहिए की वो हमारा है ही नही,आपके Blogs read कर के तो ऐसा लग रा काफी समय से suffer कर रे।
Let her go...!
उससे better कोई होगी आपके लिए so dnt wst ur tym move on dude...
अभी भी कुछ नही बिगड़ा है अपनी life spoil मत करो। रात के 2:30 बजे इतना सब explation कर रही हु means कुछ reason है। ये सारी चीज़ें मेरे साथ हो चुकी इसलिए समझा री Plz Smjh jana.. "_"

Misthy singh said...

Still, I m awake (*_*)(?_?)
After reading ur blogs......!!
M totally speechless & getting insane...!!


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