Thursday, June 28, 2018

The Dream

saw you in dream last night
  It oh so made me smile
Even though i was asleep
  It gave me such a high

We were sitting in the garden
you had your sunglasses on
it looked so pretty on you
And i was singing you a song

I wrapped my arms around you
You gave me a lovely kiss
i felt a pich of euphoria
something i will always miss

I wish the moment never ended
but my alarm clock didnt agree
it buzzed loud and woke me up
and only emptiness i could see

so happy was that moment
so happy were you and me
i wished i had slept forever
and lived forever in that dream

Friday, May 18, 2018

come , lets go

The Joy of your laughter
the beat of your heart
makes me want to run
makes me want to start

Run to reach you , to
take you somewhere far,
a place made just for us,
through a guiding star

A star that will lead us
towards the heaven's door
a heaven where we lived in
together, all lifetimes before

The heaven is so waiting
For us to meet and go
to where we so belong
The heaven we call PLUTO!

I love You

I love you , and
I love you so much
I adore you , You
are a sweetheart such

I care for you
and it is much so
I crave for you
how badly you know

When you're not here
I feel oh so sad
if you dont come soon
I will so get , so mad

I am waiting for you
so my heart says
Please come soon love
My(your) heart awaits...

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

When you're down :(

I am such a fool
I just do not understand
The things that you go through
Things I never can

I am so stupid , I don’t see
How irritating that it gets
How spoiling it could be
The mood that it sets

The least that I could do
Is to be by your side
Through the time until it
Does somehow subside

I obviously did not do so
And I am so sorry my love
I will always keep in mind
All the things I said above

Please don’t be mad at me
It has been such a while
Please forgive me once again

show me your oh so lovely smile

Monday, September 5, 2016

You're gone :-(

It so seemed like an eternity 
That I'm gonna spend with you 
Suddenly you're out of life 
And it's gonna be a solo ride through. 

What went so stupid in between 
Wish I had the right to know 
We were moving so good along 
Now I'm stranded , now I'm alone 

Just when things were so right 
Everything became so damn wrong 
Had been living a miracle with you 
Had been dancing to our song 

Did I ever change my attitude 
Or did something to bother 
I know I was all for you 
With all the love I had to offer 

Sweetheart. I'm out of words 
I so can't finish this poetry
Please come back and tell me 
This non-breakup mystery 

Friday, August 12, 2016

. . .

I've so always loved the rain 
And now I love it all the more 
it rained on me like heaven today 
It touched me like it did never before 

Stood,I there, my arms stretched out
This definitely was , something new 
All the drops that poured on me 
I felt them so and I knew it was you 

Dancing and rolling and smiling 
I lost the track of where I went 
I felt I had become one with my love
Like the way I've always dreamt

I've asked the clouds so pleadingly 
My love stays a bit far , there they go 
And like I can feel love pouring down 
My love for her they go and show 

They'll reach you in no time sweetheart
Cuz I've asked them so lovingly to
Pour all the love of mine and heavens 
Feel me in every drop saying I love you!! 


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