Monday, September 12, 2011

Cupid Speaks

My dear friends and readers!

i haven't been writing here on my blog for a long time now. Well the reason is "Cupid Speaks dot com". Its an online youth platform where the youth has can express themselves in their style of expression.
lemme tell you how did i come across it!
Well while trying to advertise my blog and getting along with other bloggers i met this great writer Akshita Jain who told me about the plan to start this website. well i was offered for being a contributor in it and i did take the offer. So now i've been writing for the website and am getting more readers than i could actually attract through my blog.
What the site has??
Well as i told earlier, the site allows the mebers/writers/cupiders to express themselves in any style and about anything they want, the website has articles, poems, views, information, discussions..... in one word "everything"!!

so i'd suggest my every reader to come visit the site and be a part of it!! Hope to see you there soon!!

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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Please don't go!!

don't part from me my love
please don't leave me astray
for without you i will only be
a blind, searching for his way

though i never told you so
i know that you understand
how much a part of me are you
and to live without you, i can't

without you around me
this heart of mine would barely beat
I'd be a body without a soul
empty , hollow , incomplete!!

Cannot watch you leave like this
just cannot let you go
without your smile , your touch , your care
there can be no tomorrow...

please stay here with me
i want to hold you till i die
and i want to spend all my life,
with you , here by my side!

Please don't go... i cannot live without you!!!


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