Friday, August 12, 2016

. . .

I've so always loved the rain 
And now I love it all the more 
it rained on me like heaven today 
It touched me like it did never before 

Stood,I there, my arms stretched out
This definitely was , something new 
All the drops that poured on me 
I felt them so and I knew it was you 

Dancing and rolling and smiling 
I lost the track of where I went 
I felt I had become one with my love
Like the way I've always dreamt

I've asked the clouds so pleadingly 
My love stays a bit far , there they go 
And like I can feel love pouring down 
My love for her they go and show 

They'll reach you in no time sweetheart
Cuz I've asked them so lovingly to
Pour all the love of mine and heavens 
Feel me in every drop saying I love you!! 


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