Sunday, January 16, 2011

Please don't go!!

don't part from me my love
please don't leave me astray
for without you i will only be
a blind, searching for his way

though i never told you so
i know that you understand
how much a part of me are you
and to live without you, i can't

without you around me
this heart of mine would barely beat
I'd be a body without a soul
empty , hollow , incomplete!!

Cannot watch you leave like this
just cannot let you go
without your smile , your touch , your care
there can be no tomorrow...

please stay here with me
i want to hold you till i die
and i want to spend all my life,
with you , here by my side!

Please don't go... i cannot live without you!!!


meenal agrawal said...

Please i want ur autogragh whneva i meet u next tym, u r my favourite writer :))

Ankita said...

Vry nyc poem...... :)

supriya said...

nicely written..i jst read it...u seem to be out from the books of mills and boons..gr88 wrk..keep it up...

Ria said...

Very nicely worded!!

vipul agrawal said...

good one


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