Thursday, July 22, 2010

Had to let you go!!

Was so glad to call you mine
Wish I could spend my life
With you by my side
But... I had to let you go

They days will never be the same
The nights would be endless
Though it'd hurt every single second
But... I had to let you go

Always had a dream
To make you smile through bad times
And grow old that way
But... I had to let you go

You taught me to be strong
You taught me how to live
You taught me how to love
But... I let you go

I love you, baby , I love you
And I'm going to hate myself
All my life for letting you go

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Amit said...

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Sonal said...

hey man awesome blog......luvd it

gaurav said...

its great

gaurav said...

have a look its awesome work of my dearest frnd

prerna said...

I was bout 2 shout ki plz dont go...suddenly i realised tht i was reading sumthn, this is not happening in real...really hrt touching..


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