Sunday, December 14, 2008

What is love?

This is what some great people said about love.You might not have heard about them. They are great because they are my friends...

Swati(my sis): A complex feeling that makes us do silly things.

Kirti(cousin): Love is when i complete a project and exclaim how perfect it was.Love is what i feel towards those who are perfect in their fields.Love is what i feel for my best friends.Love is what i feel for myself when i realise how talented i have been without being acknowledged.

Cheena: Love cannot be defined and i don't know what love is.

Uday: Its a natural feeling required at every stage of life.

Payal: Love is everything that everyone wants and expects from others.

Meenal: Love makes your life Beautiful, be it your friends , partner , parents , pets , its a positive feeling. But when it hurts , it can be the worst. And if someone is not in love , he is missing so much in life.

Dr. Satya: I know no definition of 'love' but have lived my whole life with it. For of love is like water , so pure , so life giving! And just like water , it takes the shape of the vessel in which it is kept i.e. relations.

Anupam: Love is like always having melted chocolate in your mouth , always being high without getting drunk , feeling the power to destroy everything that comes as an obstacle , smiling without reason in any condition. Love is like living in heaven.

Abhilasha: Love cannot be defined through words. It is just a four letter word but has such depth that words cannot define it. But it is probably the most wonderful experience anyone can ever have.

Meenal: Love? I am feeling sleepy.

Shashvat: Love cant be defined through words. Its a feeling within.

Ankita: love is when someone breaks your heart and the most amazing thing is that you still love them with every broken piece.

Aditi: Love is a feeling. It cannot be expressed through words. It is just a feeling felt by two people silently.

Ashish: Love is lust

Aditi: For me its a deep feeling for someone. In love , don't expect anything from your love because its unconditional and in love , you always want to see your love happy always. And when two hearts fall in love deeply , they become soul mates.

Gudiya: Its so hard to think about love.

This is what my friends think about love. What do you think. Do leave your ideas and comments .


Anonymous said...

love is when someone's soul becomes part of yours

shanky said...

lOvE iS a nEeD with eVeRy oNe iS bOrN

bransick said...

swati asaa boliiiiiiiiii :O tu survey kia thaa is parrrrrr ?


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