Saturday, March 7, 2009

The first time i felt love

I was only 13. that was he first time i was so close to a girl. I used to sit beside this girl. i was too shy , so i did not talk to her much. She was beautiful.there was something in her that attracted me too much.

And then one day after school , i was sitting in my dad's car and she just walked by. Suddenly she turned and waved towards me. she was waving me a goodbye. Oh god! i was sooooooooooooooo pleased. i did not know why but my heart started beating faster and i had such i weird feeling.And i did not know what to do. should i go to her? should i just wave back? should i not do anything? I mean she was just saying goodbye but meant so much to me.At last i waved back to her. It was a simple goodbye to her. But for me.... Oh god! that was the first time i felt so good. The first time i felt love.

Hey guys that was the first time for me , leave me comments and share with me what was the first time for you.


ahlock said...

Its like heaven when someone we are attracted to suddenly responded in a positive manner. A wave, a smile, a side glance, etc...

Symphony of Love said...

I know how you feel. In fact I believe that most of us gone through that first stage. For me I was about the same age when I got hit by 'thunderbolt.' But that time I was too shy and I did not do anything to get to know her. It is all history already. :)

Suganthi said...

Lovely incident dude. Everyone would have experienced this feeling. It is really pleasant to think of the past and especially the 1st love. I too have experienced it. mmmmm.. You reminded me of my colorful past.. *dreaming*

katty said...

i really really liked it!!!..i can actually feel it!:-)..yeah sm small gestures 4m sm 'special'ppl do mean a lot 2 us..:-)..n dos memories r der 2 stay!!:-)))


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