Saturday, June 6, 2009

Going back to love!

Well in one of my posts i have mentioned my love for movies. But i was so upset as no movies were being released since the last month or maybe before that because of certain reasons. Life seemed so oring. And my 'Happy Fridays' vanished away.

Recently i came to know that movies will once again start releasing from next week. Yippee! Fridays would again be 'happy' for me. i was so waiting for movies to start again. And so many movies are on the line to see. there's 'new york' , 'kaminey' etc. I feel so great!
And then i am going to Delhi today. So whatever movie wasn't put up here in 'Raipur' , i would see them in Delhi.

I know it all sounds crazy but 'Isn't love supposed to be crazy?';-)


Priya Joyce said...

well crazzy movie lover here..chalo tat was a gud news for u..njoy wth movies ;)

Diya said...

Ha ha, that was great... Love is not only supposed to be crazy but also blind. Way to go dude :)
Thanxx for commenting on my Blog and Yes, A very happy belated birthday to you. :)


thts great..
go ahead n enjoy..
offcouse love is abt being crazy..
bt upto a limit.. :P

Suganthi said...

U r nt juz crazy!! Craziest!!

Aditya said...

thanks priya

Aditya said...

thanks diya

Aditya said...

hey sahityika!

i dont think love has limits

Aditya said...

hey suganthi!

thanks for the compliments.

mckhoii said...

hi! What a great blog you have here. Please add me to your blogroll and i'll do the same. please don't forget to inform me after. THanks much and go blog bLOOM!


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