Monday, April 13, 2009

13th floor

That one evening
what i saw through my eyes
could not believe the view
It felt like paradise

The beauty that i saw
like the air she passed me by
It was a moment worth living for
I could feel i can fly

we were not alone there
but she did cast a spell on me
and whoever else was there
I just could not see

It was the best eve of my life
never better it has been
and though i'll never see her again
every night she will rule my dream

this is what happened in October
when i went to Bangalore
and i went to this great restaurant
which is on the 13th floor


Hafsah said...

Oh woww.. n i always thought 13 brings bad luck *not being superstitious*

Anonymous said...

its a damn lovely place on the terrace of 13th floor !!

Aditya said...

Hey Hafsan!
Well 13 wasnt bad luck at least fo me.

Aditya said...

Hey Pratibha!
Yeah its a great place there. I went there for the first time and it was really a great experience


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