Friday, May 29, 2009

A question!

What will be your choice? Love marriage or Arrange marriage? And why?


Anonymous said...

after having fallen in love a million times i am going for an arranged marriage,,

it is exciting... it is strange.. it gives me goosebumps..and butterflies are fluttering in my tummy.. but to top it all.. my mom dad are smiling..and are extremely happy..

they are my world..and that's all.. :D

Aditya said...

thats the best decision!


hey hi
i will go for nyone.. which ever comes in my way 1st..
i think in love marriage .. if ny prob take place u cant blame ur parents. but in arrange marriage u can't..
bt the feeling tht u feel . while being in love... is jus amazing. i think everyone should love atleast once..n if u love ur husband ..thts the best..
ha ha ha

Aditya said...

hey sahityika!
that was a simple n sweet reply...

Potterchik said...

Anyone choosing arranged marriage is nuts. When I think about all the many, many people I had to get to know to find my perfect mate, I'd say there is exactly zero chance that soemone else would be able to choose well for me. At most you'll get to be with soemone you can tolerate, but the deep peace that comes from love marriage will forever be out of you reach. Better not to be married at all.

dhwani said...

i'll go wid Dad's choice,the best decision according to me!!;)


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