Monday, August 3, 2009

love at first sight

I never ever believed
in love at first sight
but my belief changed
when i saw you that night

Was it something you said
or what did you do
that made me fall , so much
in love with you

i could never see the beauty
of the moon that's skies above
cuz moon was what i saw in you
and up there is just a shadow

i want you in my life
for you i want to sing
''come my love , awaken my heart,
a heart that is barely beating''


Priya Joyce said...

wow hw beautifully written yaar..n kya baat hei aaj kal luv shuv ke baare mei bahut likh rahe ho..i guess its's all abt u :P

awwww life is like that ..n someone spl makes it very precious :)

Suganthi said...

kewl.. the right usage of words..

Anonymous said...

good post! Thanks for sharing!

ARUSHI said...

really...!!! awesome... cant say any thing... its awesome...


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