Sunday, December 20, 2009

. . .

Since the day you left
ever since you were gone
my world of your memories is the air
that my life has lived upon

You ask me how...
How can i live this way,
But i have been happy all this long
and have loved you more each day.

I know all this sounds stupid
and it bothers you somehow
But please dont make me do all that
something that i impossible now

i am on my knees, I'm begging you
i wont ask you to be mine
but dont ask me to stop loving you
cuz dat is for, i live my life!

Te Amo!


gaurav said...

your awesome words have extreme pain
good one bro

Anonymous said...

Extremity.. sigh!!

Aditya said...

thanks a lot for ur comments. keep supporting me this way. Will give me confidence to write more n more.

sowmya said...

dat ws a gud 1 yaar!! :-)

Aditya said...

thanks a lot Sowmya!


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