Sunday, January 6, 2013

. . . The Moment . . .

 “Beautiful”, whispered my heart at once
The moment I saw you crossing me by
That moment, that look I had of you
Oh my... I wanted to fly

 I couldn't move, for I just saw
The cutest girl I had ever seen
I could see nothing but you, precious
You amazed me more than I had ever been

 Your beautiful eyes... I could drown in
 Desired to feel your skin, so flawless
I urged to have your hand in mine
And your soft lips, I so wanted to caress

 but the moment went away and so did you
My eyes still wide, it was such a treat
It was like you cast a spell on me
You now control the rhythm of my heartbeat...


Sonal Patel said...

jus wanna say iz ek tarfaaaaa!!

Dj Apoorv said...

"Beautiful" - You amazed me more than i have ever been.

Keep writing and keep on amazing people like me.

I could visualize the scenario while going through each word.

Pure Skill !!!!

kinshuk shrivastava said...

gr8 wrk Aadi..havnt met this part of ur personality... visualization is gud..keep writing...RJ Kinshuk

meenal agrawal said...

Good Going Aditya !!
Emotions are conveyed beautifully ....
gr8 work !! keep it up n keep amazing me wid ur writing ....

Aibee said...

It's unbelevble.......I have seen alot but I was not aware of ur this talent......would like to say just ""WOW""

prerna said...

Its amazing hw u put ur beautiful thoughts wid these beautiful chosen words....

Richa Mishra said...

It reminds me of John donne Third Anniversary


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